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AlphaNorth Asset Management

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Steve Palmer is a founding partner, president and chief investment officer of AlphaNorth Asset Management and currently manages the award-winning AlphaNorth Partners Fund, AlphaNorth Growth Fund and AlphaNorth Resource Fund. Prior to founding AlphaNorth in 2007, Palmer was employed as vice president at one of the world's largest financial institutions, where he managed equity assets of approximately CA$350M. Palmer managed a pooled fund, which focused on Canadian small-capitalization companies, from its inception to August 2007, achieving returns of 35.8% annuallized over a nine-year period, which ranked it No. 1 in performance by a major fund ranking service in its small-cap, pooled-fund category. Palmer earned a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

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Companies Commented On

  • Antibe Therapeutics Inc.
  • Cymat Technologies Ltd.
  • Helius Medical Technologies Inc.
  • Neurotrope BioScience Inc.
  • Peekaboo Beans Inc.

Recent Interviews

Five Companies with Favorable Risk/Reward Profiles from the AlphaNorth Capital Conference (4/12/17)
Graph and coins

The 4th annual AlphaNorth Capital Conference brought together over 40 emerging growth companies with top investors. In this interview with Streetwise Reports, Steve Palmer, founder and president of AlphaNorth Asset Management and a co-organizer of the conference, discusses a diverse group of companies that were selected to attend the conference, including three biotech companies.

A Year of Tips for Winning the Natural Resource Investment War (12/29/15)

Energy investors are no strangers to boom-and-bust cycles. In fact, a number of the experts interviewed by The Energy Report in 2015 took a certain amount of glee in the opportunities they knew would open up in low-price markets for oil and gas, uranium and lithium. Let's take a trip around the world as we recall the words of wisdom these experts shared, and see if they can spark a better understanding of what we can expect during the next turn around the sun.

How AlphaNorth's Steve Palmer Copes with the Commodity Blues (8/11/15)

Steve Palmer's AlphaNorth funds have a history of making high returns from investments in Canadian commodity juniors, including energy and gold plays. With regard to the current commodity markets, however, Palmer pulls no punches: Profits are not easy to reel in. But the downturn does not signal the end of the world. Commodity markets change cyclically, and there is money to be made buying undervalued energy and precious metal juniors, including the handful of companies Palmer names in this interview with The Energy Report.

Recent Quotes

"CNL has a very high-grade, advanced deposit in Colombia."

The Gold Report Interview with Steve Palmer (8/10/15)
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"BBI has just finished drilling two high-impact wells; its odds of success are quite high."

The Energy Report Interview with Steve Palmer (3/5/15)
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"CNL owns a very high-grade gold mine."

The Energy Report Interview with Steve Palmer (7/24/14)
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"MMT is a good mid-cap name that pays a dividend."

The Energy Report Interview with Steve Palmer (7/24/14)
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"LLG has a very sizable resource."

The Energy Report Interview with Steve Palmer (7/24/14)
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"I look for companies with growth potential, such as MMT, which is getting very significant results at the wellhead."

The Metals Report Interview with Steve Palmer (11/12/13)
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"LLG is run by a very experienced team that has been getting good drill results at its project in Quebec."

The Metals Report Interview with Steve Palmer (11/12/13)
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"URE has secured contracts significantly above current spot prices and above long-term prices."

The Energy Report Interview with Steve Palmer (4/11/13)
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