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Gold and Silver Challenging Major Resistance (04/30/2016)

Both gold and silver are challenging major resistance while the U.S. dollar is testing support, says technical analyst Jack Chan. A break will help clarify the technical prospect going forward.


We Cannot Predict But We Can Prepare (04/30/2016)

Technical analyst Jack Chan says the charts suggest that the major correction in the oil service sector since 2014 is now complete.


Fratboys at the Punchbowl (04/29/2016)

The Federal Reserve, like chaperones at a fraternity house party, has appeared overly concerned about the prospect of upsetting the party-goers and has backed off from earlier indications that it would raise rates four times this year, says Joe McAlinden of McAlinden Research Partners.


Precious Metals Every Bit as Explosive as Secretariat at the Belmont Stakes (04/29/2016)

The charts tell the story, says precious metals expert Michael Ballanger, adding that the mining and metals market have the forward momentum of Secretariat as he clinched the Triple Crown.


The Two Best Calls Ever on a Gold Bottom (04/28/2016)

Bob Moriarty of 321Gold calls out the work of two men who got it right on gold and silver.


Let Volatility Power Your Micro-Cap Biotechs (04/27/2016)

ROTH Capital Partners' Joseph Pantginis falls into that old-fashioned category of analysts who believe that good data can't help but drive a stock, no matter how far into the depths it may have sunk. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Pantginis presents his detailed growth theory on two names, and he leaves two Focus Picks on the table for investors to do further diligence on.


What Steve Jobs Knew About the Internet Can Make You a Better Gold Investor (04/27/2016)

Of all the people in the tech world, Steve Jobs perhaps understood the potential of the Internet better than any of his peers. Bob Moriarty of 321Gold discusses how Jobs' insight can provide lessons on gold manipulation and what moves markets.


The Significance of Rising Commodities Prices… (04/27/2016)

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger expounds on how Federal Reserve policy affects the commodities markets, and expresses cautious optimism about how that policy will play out in gold markets.


Back-to-Back Good News for Nevada Energy Metals (04/27/2016)

Not long after Nevada Energy Metals expanded its presence in the Clayton Valley, the company announced it added claims to its San Emidio property. Keith Kohl of Oil & Gas Trader explains what this means to investors.


Mining M&A Warming Up with Reservoir and Sunridge Deals (04/27/2016)

Adrian Day shares additional thoughts on Nevsun's deal to buy Reservoir Minerals. The investment conclusion—to hold—remains. And he has an update on Sunridge being acquired.


Low Prices for Oil Cure Low Prices for Oil (04/27/2016)

Veteran investor Bob Moriarty discusses one company that is poised to benefit from the volatililty in the oil markets.


Are We or Are We Not in a New Gold Bull Market? (04/26/2016)

Technical analyst Jack Chan has examined the charts and says that if we are in a new bull market, prices in both gold and gold equities should begin to pull back and consolidate soon.


LiTHIUM X Is Not Alone—Profiling This Marketplace Darling and Others in the Sweet Spot (04/25/2016)

After several years of bear markets for miners, many mining equities have lept upward in the last few months. LiTHIUM X Energy ranks among the leaders of the pack, up many-fold. Barry Allan, vice chair of mining at Mackie Research, and Research Analyst Ryan Hanley put out a report in March for the PDAC convention, highlighting a number of promising mining companies. In this interview with The Gold Report, Allan and Hanley profile a handful of those companies, including LiTHIUM X.


Hold Reservoir Minerals After Takeout: Adrian Day (04/24/2016)

On Sunday, Reservoir Minerals announced it has agreed to be acquired by Nevsun Resources. Adrian Day shares his initial thoughts on the deal.


Madness in the Crimex Trading Pits. . . (04/22/2016)

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger discusses effects of the Bank of Japan's actions on the U.S. dollar, silver and gold.


President Trump? President Clinton? Gold Up in Both Scenarios (04/21/2016)

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton may have very little in common, but Barry Allan, vice chair of mining for Mackie Research Capital, says if either moves into the White House, the U.S. dollar will fall and gold will rise. A higher gold price bodes well for gold equities, and in this interview with The Gold Report, Allan and his colleague Ryan Hanley share the names of some of their top picks for this environment.


What Andy Grove and Michael Milken Have Taught Us About Prostate Cancer (04/20/2016)

Solid tumors are typically managed with surgical resection, chemotherapy, radiation and biologics, but it's the secondary tumor mass, the metastasis, that kills patients. Dr. Stuart Holden of the UCLA Institute of Urologic Oncology understands the importance of targeting metastatic disease, which is driven by different genetic factors than the primary tumor from which it arose—a fact that oncologists are just now coming to grips with. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Dr. Holden describes an essential target in aggressive prostate cancers, and a drug with the potential to address that target and extend the lives of thousands of men.


All Hail the Mighty Silver Bugs… (04/20/2016)

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger examines silver's recent moves upward.


Looming Zinc Supply Shortage Good News for Producers and Explorers: Stefan Ioannou (04/18/2016)

The outlook for zinc appears bullish, says Stefan Ioannou of Haywood Securities, spearheaded by mine closures, dwindling production and the dearth of replacement projects. This looming supply gap could mean increased zinc prices by the end of the year, explains Ioannou in this interview with The Gold Report, a prospect that would bode well for one of the few pure-play zinc producers, as well as for an Australian explorer that may be on the cusp of a world-class discovery.


Gold Trading Model and COT Data Are in Conflict (04/18/2016)

Technical Analyst Jack Chan says his trading model is indicating that the gold sector is on a new major buy signal, but the COT data is bearish, so he is waiting for the COT to return to bull market values.


COT Report for the Week Ended April 12: Commercial Signal Failure Looms? (04/17/2016)

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger dissects Friday's COT report.


The Canadian Shield Could Host the Next Bonanza Discovery: Eric Lemieux (04/14/2016)

Gold supply is getting tighter, deposits of quality are getting rarer and the project development timeline is getting longer. Enter Canada. The Canadian Shield still offers the possibility of break-out discoveries, says PearTree Securities analyst Eric Lemieux. The recent spate of M&A activity points to the potential of the region, and Lemieux discusses several companies that are well positioned to add value.


Deutsche Bank Silver Settlement: GATA Vindicated (04/14/2016)

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger riffs on the news that Deutsche Bank is settling U.S. silver pricing litigation.


Drug Pricing, Presidential Politics, and Three Biotechs with Promise (04/13/2016)

While the vagaries of the 2016 political season create uncertainty in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors, companies are moving ahead with innovative cell therapies, gene therapies and new, safer ways to deliver addictive drugs, and investors find themselves in a position to play the development ideas with varying degrees of risk. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, George Zavoico of Jones Trading Institutional Services explores how the presidential race could affect the biotech industry, and explains the growth prospects of three biotech names that could strike gold.


How Altius Minerals Is Taking Advantage of Market Weakness (04/11/2016)

Despite the bear market in resources, Altius Minerals has continued to make progress, according to Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management. Day explains why the company remains one of his firm's top core holdings, and why more opportunities lie ahead.


Long and Intermediate Trends Crushing Commercials… (04/08/2016)

Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger discusses the tug-of-war going on between the Japanese yen and the U.S. dollar/Chinese yuan, and its effect on precious metals.


How Three Companies Have Been Resurrected from Failed Clinical Trials: George Zavoico of JonesTrading (04/06/2016)

Data can create or destroy the value of a biotech investment in an instant, but hitting or missing an endpoint doesn't always tell the story. For instance, Genentech's Herceptin (trastuzumab) is a blockbuster, bringing in $7.4B in revenue during 2015, but at one point investigators thought it was a complete failure. It took patience, time, additional capital and careful analysis of subpopulations of breast cancer patients to figure out that Herceptin would ultimately save many lives. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, George Zavoico of JonesTrading Institutional Services discusses the growth prospects of three biotech names that have been wrecked and left for dead, but could ultimately resurrect themselves from a misleading pile of rubble.


Jack Chan Sees New Major Buy Signal for Gold But Is Patient (04/06/2016)

Technical analyst Jack Chan has examined the charts and says the gold sector is on a new major buy signal, which could signal a new bull market. But he is patiently waiting for confirmation.


BonTerra Resources Delivers Its Own March Madness (04/04/2016)

BonTerra Resources stock is up just over 70% in March and 146% in 2016. In March, BonTerra acquired nearly 1 Moz of gold at the Larder project and released great drill results on the Gladiator project, and there is more to come. Caesar's Report's Thibaut Lepouttre discusses the merits and effects of such a busy month.


Epic Battle Rages on: 'Ali-Frazier' in the Crimex Pits. . . (04/01/2016)

The battle raging between the Bullion Banks and Gold Speculators is every bit as spectacular as the Ali-Frazier fights of the 1970s, says precious metals expert Michael Ballanger.


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