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Uranium Co.'s JV Partner Completes Winter Drilling in Athabascan Basin

Skyharbour Resources Ltd. announced partner Azincourt Energy Corp. has completed its 2024 winter drilling program at the East Preston uranium project in the Athabascan Basin. Read why one analyst thinks the potential upside leverage for such projects could be significant.

Co. To Acquire Zero-Emission Vans Built by German Manufacturer

First Hydrogen Corp. announced it has signed a non-binding letter of intent (LOI) to secure a supply of e-Vans built by a large German multinational automotive manufacturer. Experts say the world needs more hydrogen technology to meet net-zero emissions goals.

Hydrogen Vehicle Trial 'Proceeding Well' as Co. Looks to Mexico

First Hydrogen Corp. announced that its fourth hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle (FCEV) trial with a large multinational logistics company in London is proceeding well. See why the company is looking at a whole new market.

Energy Co. Looks at Spinning Off Hydrogen From Oil & Gas Interests

As the move toward clean energy picks up steam, this energy company is looking at turning its hydrogen subsidiaries and its oil and gas interests into separate companies.

Co. Looks To Ride Coming Wave of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources including solar, wind, storage, and hydropower are set to take off this year, researchers say. That could amount to a big opportunity for those investing in companies like Revolve Renewable Power Corp.

Trial of Emission-Free Van Yields Positive Feedback

During this test conducted in the United Kingdom, the hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle is driven a record distance, 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles), said the company that built it.

Feasibility Study a Step To Unlocking a Mega Green Hydrogen Project

Research Report
Chariot Ltd.'s presented feasibility study may be a stepping stone to a mega green hydrogen project, according to an Auctus Advisors research note.

Lithium Co. Receives First Revenue From Clean Extraction Tech

Lithos Group Ltd. announced it has received its first revenue for its environmentally friendly lithium extraction technology from a large mining company. Find out why Technical Analyst Clive Maund said the stock is a "Strong Buy in all timeframes."

Renewable Power Co. Hopes To Ride Sector Takeoff

Revolve Renewable Power Corp. develops utility scale renewable energy projects in North America. According to one report, the sector is set for a "variable-speed takeoff" in 2024.

Uranium Co. Extends Placement as Sector Heats Up

This uranium exploration and development company has closed on a larger second tranche of its private placement after the first was oversubscribed and prices of the element hit 16-year highs.

Vancouver Co. Aims To Charge EVs in 8 Minutes

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are slowing, mainly due to a fear that there aren't enough charging stations. Some public companies are working on alleviating this fear, and one private company says it might have the solution, with an eight minute charge.

Energy Co. Partners to Find New Hydrogen Production Catalyst

A Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. portfolio company is partnering with an Italian company to find low-cost, high-performance electrocatalysts for hydrogen production through water electrolysis.

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