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Telemedicine Co. Sees Record Revenues on Software, Services Sales

Reliq Health Technologies Inc. reports that software and services revenue continues to increase, leading to record cash intake for the quarter that ended Dec. 31, 2022.

AI-Infused Telehealth Platform Absorbs New Patients

Telemedicine company Reliq Health Technologies Inc., which uses artificial intelligence in its software's algorithms, has gained six new contracts and more than 3,000 new patients.

Addiction Therapy Company Secures Major UK Endorsement

Pharmaceutical powerhouse Awakn has been awarded Innovative Licensing and Access Pathway (ILAP) access to UK markets. This classification, equivalent to FDA Breakthrough Therapy designation in the U.S., allows the company to expedite development growth in the region.

Exploring Why The Economist Named this Biotech 'One To watch' in 2023

As more researchers delve into the medicinal potentials of once-verboten compounds, forward-thinking companies like Awakn Life Sciences Corp. are leading the charge to map their most useful aspects and open access for people who need help now. Read more to learn what catalysts Awakn has in store and why The Economist touched on this treatment as one of their top stories of 2023.

Telehealth Co. Expects More Growth in 2023

Officials at telemedicine company Reliq Health Technologies say they expect to accelerate growth "significantly" in 2023, which could lead to a share buyback program.

Telemedicine Co. Surges on Revenue News

As internet-enabled health care becomes more accepted in the wake of the pandemic, telemedicine company Reliq Health Technologies Inc. is seeing its revenue soar.

US Biotech Firm Keeps Growing Revenue

Research Report
Revenue last quarter was strong, and management expects to increase revenue 20% this fiscal year, noted a ROTH Capital Partners report.

Telemedicine Co. Says It's Set To Thrive in Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic changed the way many people get their basic healthcare, giving a big opening to telemedicine companies like Reliq Health Technologies Inc.

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