Penny Queen

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My name is Penny, and I am an investor who does her own independent analysis of every company that I invest in (as well as many, many companies that donít make the cut). Above all else, I am a mom, and I am passionate about my work as a fire lieutenant and making the world a better place. I hold a bachelors degree in business and am currently working on my masters degree in management through the extension school at Harvard University. I've owned several businesses and live on a 10-acre farm just outside of Seattle.

Eighteen months ago, I started with a nest egg of $329k from the sale of a side business, which I wanted to grow in order to provide financial security for my family. I decided that I was only going to invest in companies that improve the world in some way. To me, this is mostly clean tech with some disruptive technologies and biotech companies mixed in. I started publishing my research on social media and managed to reach my personal goals while creating a powerful community of over 10,000 like-minded investors along the way. Within a year, my net worth was over $6 million.

Since the beginning of this year, my picks have averaged over a 100% return. I never accept any money from anyone for my research, and my picks and strategies are completely transparent.

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Bion Environmental Technologies, Connecting the Dots 01/17/2023

In light of Bion Environmental Technologies signing a letter of intent to develop a 45,000- head sustainable beef project with Olson Farms/TD Angus, Penny Queen reviews the company to tell you whether she believes it is a good buy.